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Charles Gao/ General Manager

He this year 42 years old, very mature, he served as the Kelly Metal Industrial Company Limited general manager of Asia Pacific region. He is in charge of three departments. The main task of the Department is, in accordance with the "7S" principle, to assist in dealing with daily operation, on-site management threedepartments pay plan, organization. He is responsible for the preparation, quality control, production director of procurement, development and other managementsystem. In addition, he is also responsible for the three departments of the cost control. In addition, Charles Gao is also responsible for promoting SQM plan within the company executive, and achieve ISO9000 series, ISO/TS16949 and ISO14000 quality control standard. In addition, he also helped organize the implementation of senior cadres to the employee's internal training and external training.

Sophia Jian/Sales Director

She is 35 years old, in the company, he served as the director of operations in Asia Pacific area. He is responsible for the management of sales, he is very familiar withthe precision metal stamping, precision metal plate, automotive mold, precision CNC aluminum processing. He is proficient in metal cost analysis, is to understandthe national standards regulation in other countries, such as Germany's DIN standard, American ANSI standard, Japanese standard of JIS. In electronics,electronic equipment, automobile and mechanical metal production and processing areas, he has 12 years of work experience. In addition, he has been engaged in the design and production technology and quality management. Therefore, thequality control and field management, he has a very profound understanding. In 2003 -2008 years, he had engaged in technology project management work inforeign listing Corporation.

Vansch Cai/ technical director

He is 36 years old,technology director group in the Asia Pacific region. He is responsible for technology research and development aspects of the work. Lead the team to achieve a number of technical patent certificate. He is rich in experience, and popularity, he is very familiar with related process, and is responsible for the cost analysis, for example, metal stamping, precision sheet metal, auto mould, precision CNC aluminum processing.

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