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Sheet metal processing The basic structure of the composition bender

The basic structure of the composition bending machine

1.1 Basic Concepts bend

Between the metal sheet and to the mold, the mold pressure from outside and pressure, the metal mold according to the shape of the sheet is plastically deformed to give the desired shape, which is bent forming.

In the bending process, the molding pressure on the lower mold ﹑ machine called bending machine.

Bending the forming in the upper and lower dies are fixed to the molding process of the folding bed, the table, the servo motor or a hydraulic drive up and down the table to transmit a relative movement, according to the shape of the mold top, bottom, and bend the sheet forming.

1.2 Classification of bending machine

By pressing the power to points:

Servo motor type: stationary bending machine under the table, the servo motor by the drive screw of the upper table, the table and the lower table so that the relative motion, so that the pressure of the molding mold, in order to achieve bending molding.

Hydraulic: upper or lower table is stationary bending machine, a hydraulic system or the table drive, the upper or the lower or upper table and lower the table relative movement, thereby forming a mold pressure, to achieve bending and forming.

By way of motion:

On acting: bending machine under the table does not move, just on the table under the table to produce a relative motion mode

Under-action: The following table bending machine does not move, just on the bench opposite way on the table to generate movement

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