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Sheet metal stamping industry to improve process equipment imminent

Recently, the Deputy Secretary-General Qi Chun River, China Forging Association said: "'second five' period, China stamping, sheet metal industry output value of not less than 10% annual growth rate.." But with the United States, Japan counterparts ratio of stamping, sheet metal industry is still relatively backward technology and equipment, and the relatively low level of information in the future to achieve economies of scale, as well as personalized mass production, the need to continue to improve and the use of advanced manufacturing processes.

Future directions: low-carbon green energy and materials

Stamping, sheet metal manufacturing industries involved in all aspects of production, described as a large broad surface, shape and craft different. For decades, as China became the world's manufacturing center and consuming countries, as one of the industry's manufacturing base stamping, sheet metal industry has achieved unprecedented development.

It is understood that about 40,000 nationwide stamping industry producers, 2 million employees, annual production of 28 million tons stampings, total sales reached 400 billion yuan, the annual consumption of less than 3 mm thin steel plates over 4000 tons, procurement stamping mold costs 400 million yuan, the new stamping equipment purchase costs 200 yuan. And production of sheet metal industries existing 30,000 enterprises, 1.8 million employees, an annual production of about 42 million tons of sheet metal parts, sales totaled 500 billion yuan.

Future development of the stamping, sheet metal industry must meet low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving materials in the design, production and consumption concept, the production must be precise and efficient development, enterprises must apply to specialization, scale, globalization . American model: the production of safe and reliable automation

When comparing home and abroad stamping, sheet metal processing enterprises, Qi Chun River chose the United States and Japan as a reference. US biggest difference stamping, sheet metal business is automated, the different level of information.

First, U.S. companies using closed-loop control of automated production more secure, reliable, easy to run the entire production line maintenance. Enterprise has its tooling maintenance workshop, mold or installed on a variety of embedded sensors, applications of these sensors greatly improves the safety and reliability of the entire production line.

Second, the U.S. stamping, sheet metal companies high safety awareness. Which are mounted on the press with safety grating, when workers from the press too close, the pressure will automatically shut down, thus ensuring the safety of workers.

Once again, the U.S. companies have their own management information systems. Its raw material suppliers are supplied with a bar code, when storage by scanning various information materials are automatically entered production database. Along with the processing of raw materials into the various aspects of the mainframe computer processing will automatically enter information into the database processing, and this information will always be attached to the final product.

In addition, although the relatively large size of the U.S. companies, but the product line is not very much that they have fixed buyers, such as Delphi, Ford, the production of large quantities of their common characteristics. American business model is our stamping, sheet metal company's future development direction!

Japanese model: process equipment shocking

Overall, Japan stampings production specialization, high degree of automation, large-scale, high precision, management of human, systematic, basically mold development, design and manufacturing capabilities, and generally with their Japanese hosts factory user to China to establish a sub-factories.

Compared with Japan, stamping expertise, the level of Chinese enterprises indicators stamping professional companies are very far, to be improved. In particular variety of production know-how and technology in the production unit of Japanese companies accumulated, can be described as modern and advanced manufacturing technology and human ingenuity is the perfect combination of tradition, so that all staff are stunned visit. Therefore, Chinese enterprises in the future should gradually improve their manufacturing technology and process equipment.

Currently: the introduction of advanced equipment manufacturing industry

Qi Chun River states: overall situation of China stamping parts manufacturing enterprises is smaller, manufacturing equipment behind, producing mainly manual, product quality and poor stability, low productivity, it is difficult to achieve mass production, on-time delivery. To improve and enhance the business aspects of the industry from the current need below.

First, the improvement of existing process equipment, work hard and smart, improve product quality, product quality and delivery requirements to meet the increasing market demand, and has the ability to be in the premise, as far as possible the use of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, the establishment sound quality assurance system, improve precision, specialization, automation, information technology and manufacturing standards, and flexible to meet the requirements of high-volume production.

Second, companies should continue to improve, improve production and sales levels, continue to reduce their management costs, and ensure quality to management, to be effective, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Again, personnel should pay attention to the construction companies in the introduction of the desired quality talent, but also attach importance to the existing workforce re-education and training, to maintain its technical and management level with the times, while strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, to understand the level of domestic industry, an important industry gathering intelligence, career decision-wide leadership, improve decision-looking and correctness.

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