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What are the factors IPC chassis handle the heat structure

IPC chassis handle thermal structure is an important factor in relation to the stability of the computer can work. High-temperature electronic products killer, high temperatures can cause system instability and accelerate the aging parts. With the increasing frequency of the CPU, the widespread use of high-speed hard drives, high-performance graphics cards frequent replacement, heat inside the chassis problem more and more attention.

The most effective solution is to interact chassis cooling cooling channel to dual program adopted by the majority of the chassis: External cold air intake from the front of the chassis cooling fan sucked into the chassis through Southbridge, various boards, Northbridge, Finally arrived near the CPU, the CPU heat sink after a part of the air out of the chassis from the rear of the chassis exhaust fan, the other part of the power from the power supply into the bottom or rear of power dissipation, and then discharged from the power supply fan enclosure. More use of standard 80mm case fan above high winds, low speed fans, to avoid excessive noise, to achieve a "green" cooling.

For more smoothly on high-speed hard drive cooling, some manufacturers use to install additional air intake fan in the way the front three-inch drive bay, not only to increase the air flow inside the chassis, and can be heat directly on the hard disk. Another idea is a novel solution to the traditional hard drive installation location down to make contact with the hard disk and the bottom of the chassis, this method takes advantage of both the chassis backplane enhanced hard drive cooling, and can make the fresh cold air to the hard disk first heat after entering the chassis, a significant reduction in the hard heat, extend hard drive life. There are vendors in order to avoid clutter traces the effects of air flow inside the chassis, set up in the right position management clip can be fixed data and power cables without affecting the position of the duct. These designs have a chassis in the purchase should be given priority.

Excellent interactive program designed dual cooling channels within the chassis to ensure the timely dissemination of 90% of the calories, but some chassis manufacturers in the side of the chassis, the top of the increased fan interaction program for dual cooling channels "improved" so that the air flow inside the case occurred changes: after entering the air outside the chassis, chassis, due to the top of the chassis fan forced convection, some fresh air does not reach the nearby CPU according to the original route, directly extracted chassis, but wasted a portion of the cooling effect of cold air.

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