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The prospects for precision machinery parts processing industry

Selection procedures correctly, comprehensive understanding of the basis for selection of the order processing center, to the performance of machining centers, characteristics, types, main parameters, functions, scope, such as lack of a comprehensive, detailed understanding and knowledge. Precision machinery parts processing on the basis of full understanding, according to the following procedure to start. Precision machinery parts processing technology to develop solutions for the typical family of parts identified parts (main sample) for process analysis, development of technology program. Choose size, precision, functionality to meet the requirements of the machine, and consider the future development of enterprises, determine the need for functional reserve. Meanwhile, the cost of processing time precision machinery parts processing center is high, when considering the load process, not only to consider the possibility of machining, but also consider the economics of processing. Select the level of precision machine tools, precision parts primarily determined by the typical key parts precision.

Mainly positioning accuracy, repeatability of positioning accuracy, precision milling round. Precision machinery parts precision CNC machining usually positioning accuracy and repeatability of positioning accuracy to measure, especially repeat positioning accuracy, which reflects the stability of the positioning axes, the axis is a measure of the stability of the basic indicators of reliable operation. Of particular note is the need to fully analyze the selection when ordering. Directly affects the rigidity of the machine productivity and machining accuracy. Processing speed machining of precision machinery parts processing center is much higher than ordinary machine tools, motor power is also higher than the same specifications of the ordinary machine, so its design is also much higher than the stiffness of general machine tools. Rigid quality is an important feature of the machine, but in terms of the selection by the user of the machine tool selected no rigid evaluation criteria can learn. Selection of the user actually has integrated his requirements, the accuracy of the machine parameters and the choice of the rigidity of the machine contains the required meaning. When ordering according to process requirements, allowable torque, power, axial force and feed force is greater, according to the value provided by the manufacturer checking. Machine tools for cutting hard materials processing, special attention shall be rigid to respond, often not limited to part size.

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