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Precision Machining compensation device uses

Any tool in the cutting process are inevitably produce wear and workpiece size and shape of the resulting changes. Proper selection of materials and the use of a new tool to tool wear-resistant material, a reasonable selection of tool geometry and cutting parameters, the correct sharpening knives, correct use of coolants, cutting fluids, etc., can be effective in reducing the size of the tool wear. Conditional also uses the size of the tool wear compensation device for automatic compensation. I believe that if you want to make a high-precision parts, this device is to be installed. The main reason rotary spindle radial error are: concentricity error concentricity error precision parts machining spindle paragraphs journal, various errors bearing itself, bearing between the spindle around the degree. But they radial rotation of the spindle with precision the impact of the size of the processing methods differ.

With the development of economy and technology, market demand changes, the traditional low-end machine tool technology can not meet the needs of modernization, the demand growth in the proportion of high-end machine. The face of changes in the market, China's machine tool industry is clearly no time to make changes. Domestic exports of machinery and machine tools fell, a large number of imported foreign high-end machine. At present, the Chinese high-end CNC systems and features are still mainly rely on imports, precision parts machining machine tool imports high. China has the world's largest machine tool manufacturer, but the lack of competition in the international machine tool manufacturer's technical strength, China's economic construction, the required key projects upscale bed mainly dependent on imports, domestic mid-CNC system market share of only 5% of the country, the upscale bed CNC system required 95 percent from outside, and features of the domestic market share of only 30%. Transformation of Chinese machine tool manufacturing precision parts imminent.

Precision parts machining and polishing abrasive and processing fluid through between the workpiece and the tool between the workpiece and the lap mechanical friction for each other, so that the workpiece to the required size and accuracy of processing methods. Precision grinding and polishing of the metal and non-metallic parts can be achieved by other processing methods can not achieve the accuracy and surface roughness, the surface roughness of the polishing Ra ≤ 0.025;? M affected layer is small, high surface quality, precision grinding simple equipment, mainly for flat, cylindrical, and has a gear tooth surface spouse sealing requirements of the processing, the gauge can be used, in blocks, fuel injectors, the valve body and the valve body finishing. Ultra-precision machining is the ultra-precision machine tools, the use of relative motion between the strict constraints produce parts and tools, cutting the material trace, in order to obtain a high shape accuracy and surface finish machining process.

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