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Hardware manufacturers analyze wardrobe handle grip focus of optional

1, metal handles manufacturers analyze handle installation: To install an ergonomic handle for ease of use. To do the same when installing closet must handle all the neat line. All screws should be compatible with the length of the door, the thickness of the drawer faces. Drill holes, the pore size should be consistent with the screw diameter.

  2, the door hinge mounting: mounting two general door hinge length of 100mm, if it is solid door or doors must be convex shape with three hinges, or two lengths of 125mm installed hinge.

  3, installation of locks: locks installed after its handle from the ground should be between 900-1000mm. When you install the first installed and latch enable latch plate flush with the door, the door position, set a good lock plate, then install the lock plate, and to ensure that the lock plate is flush with the side door pocket.

Hardware manufacturers about the wardrobe handle grip optional

① material: from the material sense, copper, stainless steel is a good full; poor alloy plating; plastics easy to damage the market has gradually been eliminated.

② fixation: Handle Useful screws and gluing two fixation methods, the proposed purchase of the handle with screws, generally well with screws, adhesive is not practical.

③ style: When the optional handle must pay attention to the furniture style, function and location. Entrance cabinet handle should emphasize their decorative; may be installed on two symmetrical decorative door handle pretty luxurious, shoe color and the board should be selected close to the single-head handle; handle TV cabinet selection and electrical parts can be considered or similar color television stone counter tops, such as black, gray, dark green, sub-exposed gold handle; den or studio furniture should be simple and Founder of the selection handle.

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