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A variety of processing solutions for processing of non-standard parts

A variety of processing solutions for processing of non-standard parts

Analysis of non-standard parts processing factory, a processing part is not only a processing method, often there are several, and then compared.

Several parts diagram can be scheduled according to the processing program, prior drilling, boring under the premise processing program are the following:

Method one: first clip on the left → right end surface of flat conical bore → → then processed crude, refined car → turn outer flat face, ensure the length of the bore groove machining → → → coarse thread processing, finishing outer

Method two: first clip to the right → left flat surface machining bore tank → → thread → rough machining, finishing cylindrical → turn flat face, ensure the length of the bore taper machining → → coarse and fine cylindrical

Method three: first clip on the left flat end → → → conical bore machining flat face and then turn around the hole machining grooves → → → coarse thread machining, finishing cylindrical → turn coarse and fine cars outer

Method four: first clip on the left flat end → → → taper machining the bore hole machining processing tank → → coarse thread, fine cars outer flat face → → turn coarse and fine cars outer

The above four methods can be processed in this non-standard parts processing, the first and second solutions are twice fixture, a fixture in respect to the processing of finished processing, although guarantee the accuracy of this, but because the designed cone nut sets are thin-walled parts, machining the hole twice, susceptible to deformation. Too many times clamping third option would affect concentricity, can better ensure precision parts, also make parts more often clamping force and deformation.

However, the fourth processing program, only two clamping, non-standard parts processing hole machining in one clamping done, both to ensure concentricity, also ensures precision parts. From the economic benefits, in terms of precision parts, the fourth program is one of the best kind of processing methods. However, the actual processing point of view, the analysis should choose the second processing program.

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