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IPC chassis manufacturers handle the problem analysis IPC chassis size

IPC chassis manufacturers of industrial chassis handle the standard height units such as U generally conventional 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and so on. 1u = 44MM 2U = 88MM so widths are generally standard depth is standard 430MM 450MM and 480MM, is a standard 4U IPC chassis IPC chassis. IPC IPC chassis 1U box, the relative scale is relatively small, both in the control or the installation is very easy.

IPC chassis material

The main chassis using high quality aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy with light, low cost, mechanical (subject to uniform intensity) characteristics, there is easily machined aluminum and have a high degree of heat dissipation. In particular portion of the vehicle engine is particularly suitable for the use of aluminum alloy.

As with most of the computer chassis is made of aluminum - copper alloys. Mainly on account of the heat. Because after mixing copper and aluminum extrusion manufactured, its thermal performance is quite good, and even some high-end CPU water cooling fan is the use of this material. If the military, to ensure that the preferred firmness, Al - Zn - Mg - Cu system super-hard alloy is preferred.

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