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Precision machinery parts processing of thread milling

1, due to the current thread cutter carbide manufacturing materials, precision machinery parts processing line speeds of up to 80 ~ 200m/min, and high-speed steel cone processing line speed is only 10 ~ 30m/min, it is suitable for thread milling High-speed cutting, surface finish processing thread is also greatly improved. High hardness materials and high temperature alloys, such as titanium, nickel-based alloys thread processing has been a difficult problem, mainly because of the high speed steel cone threaded processing these materials, tool life is short, and the use of carbide thread milling thread cutting knife for hard materials is the effect is the ideal solution. machinable hardness HRC58 ~ 62. High temperature alloy materials processing thread, thread inserts also shows very excellent processing performance and long life than expected. For the same pitch, threaded holes of different diameters, using multi-tap processing needed to complete the tool, but as the use of threaded inserts processing, you can use a tool. Precision machinery parts processing in tap wear, thread size after processing can not continue to use less than the tolerance, can only be scrapped; wear when threaded inserts, threaded hole size is less than the tolerance machining, it can make the necessary adjustments by CNC tool radius compensation system, can continue processing the dimension of qualified thread.

2 Similarly, in order to obtain high-precision screw holes, threaded inserts to adjust the tool radius method than the production of high-precision Taps much easier. Precision machinery parts processing for small diameter threaded processing, especially high hardness materials and high temperature materials processing thread, taps sometimes broken, plug screw holes, and even the parts scrapped; using threaded inserts, as the tool diameter is smaller than the hole machining, even if it does not clog broken screw holes, very easy to remove, does not lead to parts obsolescence;

3, the use of thread milling, and tap compared to significantly reduce cutting force, when this large diameter threaded processing, is particularly important to solve the machine load is too large to tap the normal processing of driver problem. Threaded inserts machine clip blade had come out ten years ago, people have to realize that the above process M20 threaded holes in the machining center, with thread milling compared with the use of tap, can significantly reduce processing costs.

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