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Cold riveting technology comparison with traditional riveting process characteristics of

A cold riveting technology natural flow of the deformed metal rivets compliance without decreasing ductility and notch toughness of the material, reduces the tangential tensile stress in the high risk of heading around the rivet, the rivet material without breaking the fibers flow, can improve the carrying capacity of the rivet. After swinging and traditional cold riveting hammer, punch riveting destructive test specimens do know, connection strength cold riveting method generated higher than about 80% of the traditional riveting. After the cold riveting rivets almost no bending, bulging, upsetting and other deformation. Meanwhile components connected with rivets without deformation. And with a hammer, punch riveting, as is the case pressure, impact bloom, these defects are obvious.

2, cold riveting technology required to put a very small grinding force, just hammering, stamping and other riveting 1/10-1/15. Because the traditional way is riveting riveting stories rivet rod pressure, the greater the pressure closer to the axis, and cold riveting method is based on continuous local deformation will rivet forming, they exert pressure on the larger the farther away from the rivet center this is precisely in line with material deformation law of nature. Therefore, the required equipment tonnage minimal cost savings using cold riveting method.

3, with almost no noise when cold riveting riveting technology (less than 70db), no vibration. The traditional hammer, punch riveting noise over 90db.

4, cold riveting technology for the rivet head rivet pure rolling without sliding, the surface roughness of the rivet after molding depends only on the rivet head, while the rivet head surface roughness easy assurance, thus using cold riveting rivets smooth surface appearance is other riveting methods can not match.

5, the use of cold riveting machines, due to the deformation of the rivet material has a particularly good performance, clinching pole not quality problems, high life, but simply changing the shape of the rivet head, various shapes can be riveting.

6, convenient and safe cold riveting machine operation. Punch punch riveting often obliterated fingers and other accidents, accidental injury artificial riveting hammers have also occurred, and grind riveting relatively safe. Although the spindle rotation, but there are viable security guard, small rivet head contact with the workpiece surface.

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