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The main purpose metal handle is reflected in what place

Metal handles furniture hardware accessories

Wood screws, hinges, handles, slide, partitions off, hanging pieces, nails, heading machines, thread rolling machines, multi-station machines, metal legs, metal frame, metal handle, turntable, turntable, zippers, pneumatic rod, springs, furniture, machinery and so on.

Cabinet Hardware

Hinges, drawers, rails, steel pumping, pull the basket, rack, sink, basket, lighting, baseboards, cutlery tray, cabinet accessories, multi-column, cabinet body combinations and so on.

Cabinet Hardware cabinet hinges mainly refers generally, faucets, basins, cutlery tray, pumping iron rails, skirting boards, basket and lighting, cabinet hardware life depends largely on the quality of these good or bad. Purchase of hardware features, the first process is to carefully observe the appearance of rough, then converted a few times by hand to see if the switch slide freely, whether there are abnormal noises, and furniture grade is not matched, then hand Dian Dian weight, such as similar product comparison, relatively heavy weight of the product material is better, try using a longer operating history, high-profile manufacturers. Decorative hardware accessories, such as handles, and furniture will have to consider color, texture coordination problems.

Metal handle mold Hardware

Chong-pin, punch, guide post, guide sleeve, thimble, Division tube, ball cap, ball sets, cage, outside the guide column, an independent guide, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating bushings, non-oil bushings, no oil skateboards, outside the guide column components.

Marine Hardware

Shackle, turnbuckle, the first card, swivels, rings, pulleys, cleats, seat tube, fairlead, bollard and so on.

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